March 31, 2014: Lunch Truck

Most unique lunch ever today. There is a little place on the road to Tamarindo that is a converted lunch truck, and we were told there are great burgers there. When we arrived, a guy came from behind the truck and said he was taking a nap…this is the owner, Paul. We ordered our burgers and the entire time we were there, Paul was just chatting on and on and he was a really entertaining guy. A group of 8 arrived while we were eating and ordered a bunch of tacos. Paul asked them who drove, and when the driver came forward, Paul gave him some money and asked him to go to the supermarket to get some lettuce for the tacos, which he did. After we finished eating his awesome burgers, I went up to the window to pay, and he handed Jackie a wet rag and asked her to do a quick wipe of our table for him. How can anyone refuse Paul? Oh, and he told us that he needed a wake-up so he poured himself a healthy glass of rum and drank it down before starting the tacos. We heard him say as we were leaving, “I hope I have enough gas to finish these tacos.”

We will be back to see Paul again, and wake him up if necessary.

papajoes1 papajoes2


One thought on “March 31, 2014: Lunch Truck

  1. My husband and I are considering a move to central America or some where in the Caribbean upon retirement in a few years. Please keep posting your experiences, good or bad. We are finding your info very interesting.

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