April 4, 2013: We Have Arrived

Thanks to one of my employees, we were driven to O’Hare with plenty of time to spare, so it was cocktail time before boarding our flight. This trip was via Spirit Airlines, which billed themselves as a no frills airline, but the Airbus 318, was comfortable enough, taking us through Fort Lauderdale and then to San Jose. We arrived just past midnight this morning, clearing Immigration with no problems and a short shuttle to our hotel landed us in bed for a well bed and sleep.

After waking, I went to the lobby and the first thing I smelled was the Brit coffee brewing and I knew it was starting out to be a wonderful day. I walked over to the car rental agency, and after a bit of confusion over the rates we were quoted, I was able to leave with a nice Huyndai SUV with automatic transmission (to compensate for the confusion). So it was a quick breakfast at the hotel and off we went on the trip over the mountains to Cana Fistula.

Once we hit the road, everything crawled. There were three vans going 10 Kmh blocking the three lanes. Only the motorbikes were getting around them. Finally we hit the intercontinental highway and were up to speed. On the other side of the road, we noticed a line of taxis blocking one lane for almost a km, which was very odd, but it did not affect our travel. When we hit the town of Naranja, the police detoured us off the highway into town. The only problem was that there were no signs or police to show us the way around the detour, After about 20 km following other cars, we realized we were traveling in the wrong direction. So we back tracked to where there was a service station and fortunately found someone who understood my crude Spanish and set us in the right direction. Now we were an hour off track, but on familiar roads.

Another three hours later, we arrive at El Sabanero. Donald was there to great us and Kurt was still in Flamingo, and the pool was calling our name. there was an uncustomary haze which gave the air some humidity, but the pool cured any discomfort. We asked Donald about the taxi backup in San Jose and he said the cab drivers were striking today, but for what he did not know. Current events are not the strong suit on this side of the country.

Hunger started to set it and it was decided that a trip into town was called for. We ended up at La Baula pizza. Which was a stop from our last trip. Crispy thin pizza with fresh toppings was just what the doctor ordered. After dinner and arriving at El Sabanero, Kurt and his girlfriend, Karen were there to great us. We then spent the rest of the evening over beer and conversation with them and another German couple until it was time for an early bed. Sleep is easy down here.

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