October 3, 2012: Baldi….Take Me Away

The plan for today was to leave the ,El Sabanero Village and travel to Volcan Aranel for an overnight visit. Prior to leaving the village, Angela found a location in La Fortuna that offered hot spring visits for a day pass, which seemed worth exploring. So after I was awoken by the ladies (yes…I slept in), we set off for the trip up the Central Range to La Fortuna. The trip was sprinkled with the occasional rain storm, which is to be expected at this time if year, and along the way we stopped at the Volcano Brewery for lunch. The microbrews and the ladies’ drinks were excellent as was the service by Guillermo and the food. But after the respite, it was time to travel up the mountains to La Fortuna. When we arrived, Mercedes welcomed us like old friends and showed us to our room with a perfect view of the volcano.

Jackie called to the Baldi hot springs and made arrangements for dinner and an evening at the hot springs. When we arrived, the hot springs resort was very ornate and high-class. We walked the grounds and saw the beauty of the site before we settled in for a buffet dinner, which was first class, offering chicken, pork, mashed potatoes, rices, pasta, salads, fruits vegetables and desserts. An awesome spread, finished off with Britt coffee.

After eating, it was time to change into our swim gear to head to the hot springs, Unfortunately, your blogger could not distinguishes “Damas” from “Cabilleros” and got changed in the ladies’ cloak room…no harm, no foul. We headed up the hill to the various pools which were all fed by the natural springs. The resort had 7 separate pools which varied from 109 degrees to the cooling 65 degrees, some with waterfalls and water jets. There was one pool (104 degrees) that had a swim up bar and a TV showing auto racing. We spent some time there with a drink in the spa watching Formula One, until we moved uphill to the main spring, with a natural steam room, a 109 degree waterfall, like a massage, and rock seats to enjoy the peaceful waters. After travel down to the lobby spring for another cocktail, we headed back to the lockers to change and head back to our hotel.

It was not long before Morpheus took hold and we were fast asleep, muscles relaxed and heads cleared for a good night’s sleep. The crickets lulled us to another place.

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