September 28, 2012: Pool Time

Not much to talk about today since it was purely a lazy day in paradise. Since Juan Carlos was unsure of his schedule for the day and there was a possibility he could arrive to discuss our legal affairs, it was not a day to wander too far. I started the day going to the market for Kurt to pick up some food and supplies for the lodge, which having done that, officially makes me no longer a guest. It was very humid during the morning, more so than I had experienced in the past, so I thought some pool time was in order, which was so refreshing. So I alternated from sitting poolside and reading to going back into the pool when the sweat was getting to be too much…until it was about noon. I took the drive down to Tamarindo for a quick lunch and a couple of cold beers (which tasted great!) but there was not a lot going on downtown, so back to the pool once more.

Surprisingly there was not the usual thunderstorm passing through today, so when the sun set, I decided to go to the Auto Mercado for a bottle of red, some salami and Gouda cheese. Kurt and I sat poolside for the evening sharing the wine and snacks holding a wonderful conversation for a few hours. I did not realize the time passing until Coyo, the night guard arrived. He was cheerful as always and it was awesome to see him again. (Coyo is the fellow who healed my scorpion bite a few years back.)

I missed chatting with Jackie, but she was busy packing and getting Angela for their ride to Chicago and the morning flight down here. I am so excited to have them here for the remainder of the trip, and hopefully Angela will enjoy this place as much as we do. We have some travel plans for the trip, particularly an overnight trip to Volcan Arenal, but I am sure there will be plenty of beach time scattered in the plans, too.

So it is off to bed with my book for another wakening in the morning to cows, roosters and monkeys telling me to get my butt out of bed.

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