February 24, 2011 – The Motley Crew Night

 I slept like crap last night and was up before sunrise, sitting on our porch watching the wayward bulls wander down the road to eat up some greenery at the Soda at the bottom of the hill. The dogs started barking at the bulls, the monkeys started to roar at the dogs, and the monkeys woke up the roosters. It was a regular animal farm. I just sat there reading my book and waiting for the bus that brings Yami up to the lodge to make our morning coffee.

Today was one of those caliente days with no breezes and extreme sunlight. The temps got to 35 C ( 95 F) but the pool was a good respite from the heat. Harold lets us know that Susi is in the cabina ill with a stomach virus and will be resting for the day…poor Susi to miss this awesome day being ill. Our friends from Montreal, Joel and Candace, brought up a bottle of Guatemalan Rum they had and served us a snort on the rocks…very smooth. They, along with Tom and Paul were leaving El Sabanero tomorrow as were we, so we decided to have a farewell party in the evening (meaning drinking by the pool) after dinner. Since Joel, Candace, Tom and Paul had not been to Lola’s, they headed to Playa Avalanas, while Jackie and I headed to Tamarindo for some last-minute gifts and another round of sushi at Witch’s rock. As luck would have it, we got a beachside table and it was just in time for sunset and all of the colors.

Tamarindo Sunset - 2/24/11
Jackie & Ed at Witch's Rock
Awesome Sushi

Back at the lodge, we meet up with Tom, Paul, Joel & Candace who are already into their first bottle of wine. I go to the kitchen to prepare a copy of the shots we had the other night at Nibbara: Chiquica and coconut milk. The conversations got more vibrant. Travel experiences (and nightmares), life after Costa Rica, art, music…another round of shots and a fourth bottle of wine opened, and then we go into forbidden territory: politics and religion. But with a comic flare. Rocky the racoon visited us, shook his head and headed off to better company.

Before we knew it, it was past midnight and sentences became incoherent. It was time to retire to cabinas 8, 9 and 10. Jackie and I reminisce in our cabina that every time we come here, we meet new and very interesting people who create memories that will last forever. The people we meet on every trip we have made here contribute to the total experience and we will continue to stay in touch with them via the Internet.

Sleep comes easy.

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