4/9/13: It Even Happens in Paradise

As luck would have it, I seem to have caught a cold down here. I felt it coming on yesterday, but today I had the chest congestion and the sniffles, nothing debilitating, just an annoyance. There were no etched in stone plans for the day other than to go to the bank in Flamingo to pick up our checks and debit cards. Lonna and Ellen had not been to the El Sabanero Beach Resort, so we made arrangements to meet them in downtown Tamarindo after their zip line tour and surfing for a short visit to the resort.

We lounged by the pool for most of the morning, and at one point I looked at the temperature on my phone and it was 100 degrees, not that you would know it from the breezes which cools off the skin. By about 1:00, we decided to head into town, first to visit a Farmacia for some cold medicine and then to meet the ladies. When I got to the Farmacia, I explained my symptoms to the clerk, and a doctor appeared from the side office. She spoke English and understood my problems, checked out my chest with her stethoscope and recommended a three day treatment for the cold. Doctor’s exam and prescription: $10.

The four of us then drove the 20 minutes to Flamingo and met with Willy who showed the ladies around the place. Jackie and I excused ourselves to go down to the bottom of the road to the bank. A customer service rep, Diego, had all of our documents and cards in order, and it was a 10 minute process to finalize our affairs. I have to say that this was the quickest Costa Rican transaction we have had in all the years coming here.

We had a cocktail at the pool bar at the resort and Raquel was a hit with her frozen Pina Coladas for the ladies…simply an Imperial for me. While at the resort, Willy said that their bakery was making a delivery and if we wanted something we could buy from him. Jackie got fresh French bread, Cinnamon bread, apple pie and doughnuts…all fresh. We had decided to pick up some food at the Mercado on the way to the lodge for dinner and relax by the pool for the evening, Lonna’s and Ellen’s last night here. We had decided on a roasted chicken sections which were absolutely delicious and the bread was a perfect complement.

There were two new couples visiting the lodge, ex-pats from France who reside in Arenal. They appear to be having a great evening by the pool and hopefully we will get to know more about them in the coming days. But, as is usually the case, the evening time was not kind for my cold symptoms and we decided for an early retirement to bed with my prescription. Hopefully the symptoms will ease by the morning.

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  1. hope you feel better soon, chef :)

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